02 March 2012

Poetic Shadows: Whispers from the Darkness

I confess: The the photo in this Kickstarter project got my attention.

"...I've got flowers and lots of hours / to spend with you..."

Blurry though she is, I can't say no to Tura Satana eyes, black-metal jewelry, or corpse-white décolletage. In this instance, the photo's constellation of features even led me to read, with sympathy, this pitch from the poet:
Best way to describe my reasoning is I have a huge love for poetry. Poetry has always been a dream of mine to have my own thoughts and feelings put into a book... for all to enjoy. There are many emotions and dark feelings that i have put into my poems, and I would like the world to realize that poetry is a way of letting your feelings and emotions out, I want to give the world the gift of poetry.
A sample of that poetry, from "Eyes Ablazed":
Into your soul I will gaze
through endless tears and eyes ablaze

to feel you tremble beneath my finger tips
and taste your blood upon my lips.
Oof. Well, maybe there's hope, I thought. Half a dozen literature classes at the community college, Paul Fussell's Poetic Meter and Poetic Form, and a poetry workshop or two might channel her "feelings" into something other people want to read.

However, as I scrolled down the page, I was in for another disappointment.

"Sheena was a man."
Like Tom Jones said, I can't get no satisfaction.


  1. wow. thank you for ur kind words of (Me) the woman in the picture. on the other hand, the poet u call a disappointment, If you had any brains when it comes to poetry, you world see that his poems are different from many poets, hopefully you will one day learn that not everyone thinks the same when it comes to subjects of the world.

  2. Ms. Anonymous,

    There's no need to get personal about my brains. Let's confine our discussion to the Kickstarter page and the blog post.