29 February 2012

The Brass Legionnaire

I didn't know the world needed a Roman steampunk novel until I saw those goggles on that galea.

Put a cog on it!

I can't decide if this author has put a "roman helmet" on steampunk, or if the author has put "steampunk goggles" on ancient Rome.

I'll tell you what else the world needs: it needs for The Brass Legionnaire to spawn a massively successful run of sequels and movie adaptations, so I can sell my high-concept adult parody, The Ass Legionnaire, to a porn studio in the San Fernando Valley--where I will then build a sprawling villa in the Roman steampunk style. (I've already received bids on my Coriolanus-inspired porn script, and I didn't even have to change the name.)

The future's so bright, I gotta wear steampunk goggles.

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