27 February 2012

Eye People

Eye People. The name alone hints at mystery, wonder, even terror. Let us learn of them from their creator. His written description is brief, so I will include it here in its entirety:

"Eye People, are cartoon characters, they are based on People that have a head like an Eyeballs. They have funny sayings and are very fun characters to have in your life! They participate in every sport you can think of, can be found on all kinds of balls, pucks, toys, or clothes, just about anything you can think of ! Eye People will take over the world!"

The only way to stop Eye People is to hide your eyes from them.

This "Comics project" fills me with a vague dread. Eye People's ubiquity, their unblinking gaze, and their seeming lack of anything to do with comics--these traits combine into something out of a nightmare, the Calvin-peeing-on-stuff of a diseased unconscious. Eye People don't have to defile things with their waste: they just watch you... or do they only plan to watch? Might they not have other plans for us?

"Sometimes that [Eye People], he looks right into you. Right into your eyes."

Furthermore, Eye People break down the distinction between singular and plural. Pledge $10 and the creator promises you "a signed copy of an Eye People !" However, the panoptic gaze of Eye People will surveil you whether or not you pledge.

You have already pledged to Eye People.

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