24 February 2012

" 'The Phantom Bride' A ghost story short film."

It's a film project by Marc Hudson!

Bride... or phantom bride?

Oops--it's actually not Marc Hudson, the new singer for Dragonforce. It's Marc Hudson, the actor-writer-director, the one making a movie wherein "A group of teenagers reminisce on an old ghost story where a Bride, ditched at the altar, murders her ex-fiance and his new lover before taking her on life."

The Bride taking on the new lover after killing her does sound creepy. Or something.

This part I get: "Annoyingly a film is expensive to make, especially a good one! It's amazing how some things, even so little can add up in expense. For example location insurance is easily overlooked but is required by law and can cost thousands of dollars." Annoyingly comma indeed exclamation point.

"Oh, hi Marc."

In their promotional video, the director and his assistant director explain their intention to make an "old-fashioned"  and "classic" ghost story, inspired by the likes of The Sixth Sense (1999) and The Others (2001). These citations scare me more than any ghost. If you want to make your ghost movie sound old-fashioned, there are better titles to drop--The Uninvited (1945), Dead of Night (1945), The Innocents (1961), Carnival of Souls (1962), Kwaidan (1964), even The Shining or The Fog (both 1980)--but to drop those titles, you first have to know that they exist. Dare I voice my fear that the writer-director lacks adequate knowledge of the ghost-movie-makers who have ventured into this cemetery before him? Damn me for a pedant, but I think artists should know about other works in their favored medium, including works created before they were even born.

Speaking of scary, the immediate inspiration for this film came to Hudson during a trip on the Phantom Manor ride at Disneyland Paris (during which, I like to imagine, his fiancee dumped him for a certain other Englishman with even more magnificent hair).

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