06 February 2012

A Trilogy of Trilogies (...of Trilogies?)

The Odin Fallacy: mistaking aspiration for potential.

The person who commits the Odin Fallacy exhibits behavior that suggests he or she is on the verge of achieving monumental things, when actually he or she is not. For example, the Odin Fallacist who fancies himself the next Chosen Author/Robert Jordan/J. K. Rowling/Terry Brooks will not plan a novel, or even a trilogy, but a trilogy of trilogies. Odin Fallacists love tales of "reluctant" mortals called to heroic or immortal destinies, because Odin Fallacists identify not with mortals, but with heroes and demigods who temporarily reside among mortals.

But why settle for a nine-ology? Why not a dekalogy, in the great tradition of L. Ron Hubbard?

Hell, just raise that exponent to three: a 27-alogy, bitchez!

"This face: people are gonna fucken remember it."
--Randy from Odin

The fallacy takes its name from the band Odin.

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