01 February 2012

Funded: The Dying Times, "an original zombie/horror novel/book"

The description of this "novel/book" does not indicate that it is a children's or young-adult novel/book. This may come as a surprise, considering the youth of the protagonist, and despite this comment by an "independent reviewer": " 'Unlike Stephen King or Jack London, Dying Times was easier to follow, and yet at the same time, just as interesting.' "

But whatever. The important thing is that the world is one "original" zombie-apocalypse story richer, and I can read it without laboring to untangle the syntax of a King, or a London's web of allusions. (Seriously, Jack: not everybody reads Greek and Sanskrit, and when you assume that I've read volume 3 of the Divine Comedy, you make an ass out of U and ME.)

Postscript: From the Shitstarter Guide to Survival: When the Shitstarter Hits the Fans, chapter 3, "Bug Out or Bug In?":

"Lots of people have asked us over the years, 'If could have only one font for TEOTWAWKI, what should it be?' That's hard to answer. One option is to find a font that you can train with comfortably, until using it becomes second nature, whether it's Helvetica or one of the serifed typefaces. The problem is that when TSHTF, one of the first things the unprepared run out of is fonts. In the emerging barter economy, you might regret putting all your faith in something elegant, when your neighbor shows up ready to trade a thousand characters of Papyrus or Comic Sans for some flour."

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