13 February 2012

Funded: Steampunk Playing Cards

How do you make your deck of playing cards stand out from the rest? Put a cog on it!

"When me and my friend Dinko Kundalic started this project we wanted to make a deck of playing cards that was of the utmost class, cards that were extremely unique and that had art that could trump most decks today. In the course of planning we decided to base the cards somewhat on the steampunk genre, a style that we and many others enjoy."

Did you see this card before? I didn't. Now there's a cog. It's turning. It's free!

<Oxonian> We have solved our first problem, but the ambitious steampunk designer rests not on his laurels (which are carved from brass flywheels). The cog, toothed emblem of scientific and mechanical progress, adorns every other game, book, and corset at the scientific-romance convention. I grant that the cog is necessary, but is the cog sufficient? </Oxonian>

<Cockney> Not on your fork and knife, guv'nor! Your working-man and your gentleman alike's liable to put a deck of cards through no little abuse, sir--cog or no. I say add a coating of the old slang and euphemism. Nothing like your dried slang, properly cured, to shed everything from machine-oil to the old pig's ear, what? </Cockney>

Which is to say, "The cards will be printed on a 300 gsm plastic coated card stock."

Indeed, this assumes that the reader has not already taken the above image in hand, and with a "God Save the Queen!" applied his or her own coating of gsm. It provides an endless blockade against stains.

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