06 February 2012

The Implications of Self-Publishing

Say, isn't that Dan De Luca, who played the sociologist in season four of The Wire?

"If you [self-publish] with Jesus, he’s gonna save your soul..."

"Mostly, this book is for my Father, who inspired it with endless discussions of Science, Politics, Religion, and my need to keep an open mind on all fronts. Sadly, he did not get to see the unedited manuscript of the novel, but thankfully, he had read the screenplay that proceeded it. He was the first to say 'You need to make this into a book.' His words have been followed by dozen's of others clamoring for the same thing."

I would clamor for a scene where the Vatican's automatic biohazard safety system engages, trapping the main characters in the secret laboratory deep underground... with "dozen's" of ravenous clones of Jesus of Nazareth chasing some kids through the kitchen.

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