17 February 2012

Funded: The Blood and the Life

"A wash of pain ransacked Jesus’ face as he raised his eyes toward the [computer monitor]."

"Once upon a time, a man was attacked by a vampire bat..."
How can a new twist on vampires fail? Vampires, to paraphrase John Lennon, are more popular than Jesus. Throw Jesus Himself into the mix, and the idea is too big to fail.

OK, I'll grant that the notion of Jesus' blood turning people into vampires might actually be grounds for such a project to fail. Then again, the idea of abstinence vampires seems like it should have died on its way to the publisher, so what do I know?

I'm going to start planning that Blade/Jesus/Blacula slash-fiction project that I've been thinking about planning, Scream Christula Scream! If Vampire Jesus becomes the next horror icon, I will be ready to sign my book deal.

Actually, in the spirit of Kickstarter self-publishers, I'm going to start working on my the pitch to movie producers first. ("I imagine at least two sequels...")

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