13 February 2012

Everything is Dolphins

The Hutchingsonian Presents Everything is Dolphins, equal parts art book and role-playing game. It's true to its title.

Paint this on your van.

Well, it's not literally true to its title: not everything in the game is dolphins. You can play a false killer whale, too, and the sea teems with non-dolphin creatures with whom player characters can interact. And then there are the artifacts from the extinct human civilization, which your characters can explore when they aren't negotiating with giant octopuses, or trying to rescue merchant clownfish captured by the Shrimp-Cult of the Underkelp. (I made up that last bit, in the hope that it can be the title of the first EOD adventure module, which I will write.*)

Give money to this campaign, or find out just how hard
a creature without hands can swing an axe.

My hope is that Chick Publications will someday print a tract about the dangers of dolphin RPGs.

*In the spirit of Kickstarter, allow me to propose my adventure-module series:

SC1: Against the Shrimp-Cult of the Underkelp
SC2: In the Reefs of the Shrimp-Cult
SC3: Revenge of the Grouper-Priests of the Shrimp-Cult
SC4: Beneath the Seamount of the Shrimp-Cult (tournament adventure)
UKPC1: Captives of the Prawn-Cult (solo adventure)


  1. False killer whales are dolphins...

    thanks for the write up!


    1. I was assuming it was a killer whale that killed false things, like it's always shouting "Death to false metal!" and jumping into the stands at Sea World to bite some 12-year-old in a Slipknot t-shirt.

    2. That's exactly how I got this huge bite scar on my chest. Do I know you, K. K. Rotwang? Are you one of my mother's many late night callers?