16 February 2012

Truth in Advertising: Virus Man

Here's how you get me to pay attention to your Kickstarter campaign: tell me that you need the money to fund "female nudity" in your exploitation movie. (He's already got comics artist Gary Wray.)

We all know that's how exploitation filmmaking works: give the audience cheap thrills, but charge full price. However, even cheap thrills cost money, and the savvy actress will not doff her clothes for a prison-yard mud-wrestling match for free.

(True story: my aunt worked for Troma as a location scout in the eighties, and during the shooting of The Class of Nuke 'Em High, Lloyd Kaufman asked her to explain to the female lead that said lead would have to take her top off in the next scene, but wouldn't be getting paid any more for her trouble.)

So I salute Charles H. Del Rio for his candor. Let's hope Virus Man gets its nudity budget, and goes virus-al.

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